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Welcome to our Marine Casualty Investigation services, where precision and expertise meet the waves.

At Nexus Maritime S.A., we specialize in unravelling the complexities surrounding marine incidents with attention to detail. Our seasoned team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is able to analyze all aspects of maritime accidents, including collisions, groundings, fires, and structural failures. Whether you’re a shipping company, insurer, or legal entity, our commitment to precision and professionalism ensures that you receive the highest standard of services. Our aim is to timely deliver tangible results and thorough reports that stand up to scrutiny, aiding stakeholders in understanding the root causes and preventing future occurrence of similar events.


Irrespective to the level of complexity, all technical aspects and issues arising in the maritime industry require swift and targeted troubleshooting.

Our “outside the box” thinking in conjunction with our applied knowledge, provide effective and tailor-made solutions. The extensive technical background and our involvement in a broad spectrum of cases, allows us to consult Shipowners and management companies in all technical aspects.


One of the key characteristics of modern shipping pertains to the differentiation of ownership and management, due to the diverse business portfolio of the investors involved in this sector.

Nexus Maritime S.A., can offer the technical background and expertise in providing tailor made ship management services either with focus on technical aspects or complete oversight of a commercial vessels fleet.

repair projects

Regardless of the nature and extent of a damage as well as on whether same consists part of a claim to H&M Underwriters or other parties, we are ready to assist in coordinating and supervising the necessary damage repairs.

Our services include liaising with appointed contractors and repairers, always ensuring the timely completion of repairs with the highest quality standards.

Regular and precise recording and reporting of works progress is a continuous commitment to our clients.

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